The Characters


(n.) a dead body; especially one intended for dissection.

Gross Anatomy

(n.) The branch of anatomy that deals with the structure of organs and tissues that are visible to the naked eye; commonly used to denote the study of anatomy by dissection of a cadaver.

Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine

The Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine is a leading educator of tomorrow’s doctors. The school sits adjacent to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and draws a diverse body of motivated students. Established in 1972, the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine features a curriculum that emphasizes putting the needs of the patient first. Mayo provides students with opportunities for clinical and research-driven experiences throughout their medical education, focusing on creating well-rounded practitioners of medicine. With more than 1,600 alumni, Mayo graduates work as clinicians and researchers across a vast array of specialties.

The Students

Maggie Cupit

Dylan Soukup

Simrit Warring

John Moubarek

Amanda Porter

Saumya Shah

Claudia Gutierrez

Gohar Manzar

Asha Stenquist

Nathan Vinzant

Danny Witt

Kevin Miller

Deeyar Itayem

Ashley Paquin

Benjamin Mundell

Jonathan Scott

The Professors

Wojciech Pawlina, M.D.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Anatomy, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Nirusha Lachman, Ph.D.

Professor of Anatomy, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Patrick Eiken, M.D.

Radiologist, Mayo Clinic

John Michael Bostwick, M.D.

Consultant, Division of Hospital Practice, Department of Psychiatry & Psychology, Professor of Psychiatry, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

The TAs

Paul Salem

Tony Blankers

Humza Ansari

Leah Schmelkin

Philip Young-Woo Sun

Sasha Halasz